Continental Dancers    2023-2024



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~Continental Dancers~

Concordia Ballroom

1129 LaCrosse Street



The 2023-2024 dance season

October 20 - The season begins!


If the world deals unexpected disruptions;

notices will be on the web site, Facebook, and email.

Make sure we have your email for notices.



Dance schedule



Our dance schedule includes 9 dances instead of the usual 7 dances. Therefore,

the season-long ticket is set at $75, which will save you money, but also

give the club assurance that we can afford live bands.


Voted best dance floor. Full bar and light snacks.





 Our evenings includes:

Dance Lessons:  7:00 - 7:45 pm


Dance/Band Time: 8:00 - 10:30 pm


Walk-Ins: Always Welcomed and Encouraged


 Cost: $12 per person for each dance

$6 per student for each dance

Annual membership $75 -

save money and help support dancing

Purchase at door


See Contact Info tab for mailing








Questions or suggestions;

please let us know.


We advertise on Facebook,

Explore LaCrosse,

and LaCrosse Tribune. 



Phone: 608-782-7049 









 Dance Schedule, Band, Lesson

For 2023-24 Season



Date:                                Band

 October 20, 2023 Fri          Time Travelers  -- Swing lesson

 October 27, 2023 Fri           Recorded-- Line dance lessons--costume fun

 November 17, 2023 Fri        Under  Paris Skies--Waltz lessons


 December 15, 2023 Fri        Cheers Big Band--Fox Trot lessons


 January 19, 2024 Fri           Recorded--Line dance lessons


 February 16, 2024  Fri         Jan & Cathy --Country 2 step lessons


 March 15, 2024 Fri              Grumpy Old Men Big Band --ChaCha lessons


 March 30 Saturday              Recorded--Line dance lessons


 April 19, 2024 Fri                 Larry Bush Big Band --Swing lessons



 Dancing is active way to interact with friends and partners! Enjoy the fun!

 Many singles, couples, intergenerational families, and beginners come to the dances

 to get  a feel for the adventure. See the opportunties!!