Continental Dancers    2019-2020



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~Continental Dancers~

Concordia Ballroom

1129 LaCrosse Street




Occasional - Last Minute - Special Opportunities

When The Concordia Ballroom has some open dance floor evenings-

Pop Up Dances can provide you with additional time on the dance floor!

We Have Two Dates!!

Saturday June 1, 2019

7-8pm - West Coast Swing - Lesson

8-10:30pm- Recorded Music for your pleasure

Sponsored by the Concordia Ballroom

Cost: $10 per person; $8 per person-Concordia Ballroom Members



Saturday June 15, 2019

7-8pm - Lessons

8-10:30pm - Country Dance Music


Sponsored by the Concordia Ballroom


Cost: $10 per person;  $8 per person - Concordia Ballroom Members


Keep your dancing habit active






For a Wonderful & Successful Season

for 2018-2019



See of plans for the new season - below

Dances: October - April - Third Friday (mostly)

Plus an added "Get Started" Sept 20


Each month our evening includes:

Free Dance Lessons:  7:00 - 7:45 pm


Dance Time: 8:00 - 11:00 pm


Walk-Ins: Always Welcomed and Encouraged


 Cost: $10 per person for each dance

$5 per student for each dance


Annual Membership: $50 per person/ $100 per couple

members save $20 each with the membership.

For the October- April series.

Sign up at the first dance or

see mail address on Contact Us page 


NEW NEWS FOR 2019-20 







If you have questions or suggestions,

please let us help you out.



Phone: 507-643-6670







 Dance Schedule, Band, Lesson

For 2019-20 Season




Sept. 20, 2019       Recorded Selections          Swing

An added get started dance for 2019


October 18, 2019               Larry Busch Band             Foxtrot



November 15, 2019            Jan and Cathy      Country 2 Step  



December 20, 2019            Cheers Big Band              Waltz



January 17, 2020                Continental Recorded       Cha-Cha



February 21, 2020               Under Paris Skies            Tango



March 20, 2020                   Jan and Cathy                 Rumba


April 17, 2020                      Cheers Big Band             Swing