Continental Dancers    2020-2021



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~Continental Dancers~

Concordia Ballroom

1129 LaCrosse Street



The 2020-2021 dance season continues in "Covid Transition".

The Continental Dancers Board met recently to re-assess the remaining 2020-21 dance season

There will be no dances planned through April 2021.


We share your sadness for the many distruptions to lives, families, work, and traditions.

Conditions continue to evolve;

With the arrival of a new vaccine, we will be hopeful for gradual improvement,

Yet, things will take time. 

We'll continue to listen to community guidelines and public health standards.

Eventual updates and notices will be on the web site, Facebook, and by email notices.

Make sure we have your email for notices.




In the future we might offer Pop Up Dances as well.

Pop Up Dances are:

Occasional - Last Minute - Special Opportunities

When The Concordia Ballroom has some open dance floor evenings-

Pop Up Dances can provide you with additional time on the dance floor!


These are also on hold

Look for notice when opportunities emerge 





See the traditional dates - below

Dances: For the season are cancelled.



As dances resume (later)

 our evening includes:

Free Dance Lessons:  7:00 - 7:45 pm


Dance Time: 8:00 - 10:30 pm


Walk-Ins: Always Welcomed and Encouraged


 Cost: $10 per person for each dance

$5 per student for each dance









Questions or suggestions;

please let us know.



Phone: 507-643-6670







Status as of September 2020 

 Dance Schedule, Band, Lesson

For 2020-21 Season


October 16, 2020               Cancelled


November 20, 2020            Cancelled  


December 18, 2020            Cancelled

January 15, 2021                Cancelled



February 19, 2021               Cancelled



March 19, 2021                    Cancelled



April 16, 2021                      Cancelled



Dancing Days will return. Do a bit of practice in your Livingroom, check out an on-line step, call a friend and share stories.

So many lives are disrupted and yet good intentions abound. 

Together in spirit.